Kindness in engineering
At Snap, we believe that kindness is at the heart of engineering: we place a high value on integrity, craftsmanship, and collaboration in all of our work. We also recognize that kindness without courage is not always enough: successful companies should foster healthy internal debate, driving positive change.
Don't Rewrite Your App, Unless You Have To
Rewrites can have positive results, but they are challenging. In order to develop our strategy, we researched our app’s performance thoroughly before starting. Once we began, a tremendous amount of coordination and support was needed to keep the project on track, and we used and tested our new app from early on to keep the quality high. In this post, we outline some of our decision making processes and lessons learned from the experience.
Product Design
Design Engineer at NY Office
Product Design
Meet Snap’s Design Engineers
At Snap, we’ve been able to maintain our ability to move fast and think creatively thanks to our unique team structure.
Three Snap Employees on couch looking at phone
From Monolith to Multicloud Micro-Services: Inside Snap’s Service Mesh
Snap Engineering has evolved the way our cloud infrastructure is built, from running a monolith inside of Google App Engine to microservices running in Kubernetes across both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.
A Snapshot of Snap’s Engineering Team
Hello and welcome to Snap’s Engineering site! Here on our blog, we’ll share more on our team, values, what we’re building, and opportunities to join us.