February 04, 2020
February 04, 2020

A Snapshot of Snap’s Engineering Team

Hello and welcome to Snap’s Engineering site! Here on our blog, we’ll share more on our team, values, what we’re building, and opportunities to join us. 

Snap is reinventing the camera, empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. Everyday, our team contributes to this mission by building the foundation for Snap’s products and serving over 200 million users worldwide.

Having worked at Amazon for nearly a decade, and managing software and IT for 17 years at Sun Microsystems, I know Snap’s engineering team has a truly unique culture. We’re tackling some really exciting challenges, with some of the best technologists in the industry.

Who we are

We’re a diverse, global team dedicated to doing the right thing for our community. 

Our engineering team builds Snap’s client and backend systems which support the Snapchat iOS and Android apps, Spectacles stack, and SnapKit integrations. We’ve got a diverse set of expertise across Google Cloud, AWS, security and privacy engineering.

Being headquartered in Santa Monica, California makes our core team unique, as we’re exposed to a mix of industries, people, and perspectives. With half of our engineers working across offices in Seattle, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Mountain View, Odessa/Kiev and London, we’re also able to hire from strong and diverse talent pools. 

We approach development with a security and user privacy first mentality, and it’s woven into our engineering workflows and reviews at every level. We know that customer trust is earned through consistent adherence to rigorous standards.

What we’re building and how we build it

We’re a values-driven engineering organization. 

Snapchat’s products support real friendships and will serve our community for the long term through visual self expression. Our engineers partner with Snap’s Camera Platform team to bring these experiences to life through augmented reality. 

We also work closely with our Design team to build products that reflect our values. For example, we aim to help Snapchatters connect with their real friends, instead of increasing time spent on a certain behavior. We focus on virtuous engagement, and do what’s right for our community instead of driving engagement for engagement’s sake. 

And, we’ve tackled complex challenges, like rewriting our Android app, to better serve our community worldwide. We’re relentless in our pursuit to do the right thing for our Snapchat community, and achieve audacious goals while being kind, smart and creative


We’re also building our team

Snap is a cloud-native, mobile-first company and engineers here have a tremendous scope of responsibility and opportunity to create meaningful impact with their work. We’re also a founder-led company. Having worked at others previously, including Sun and Amazon, I believe the passion and dedication of a founder is invaluable. At Snap, that passion and dedication is pervasive throughout the company and I'm excited to continue bringing talented individuals into our organization.

If you’re interested in learning more, please continue to check in on this blog as well as our careers site for available roles!

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